Investigating Faith

River of Life is a community committed to, among other things, engaging in respectful dialogue with those who are curious about the Christian faith. We remember what it is like to not believe and to find faith difficult. We recognize that there are many people in our community who aren’t sure what they believe about Jesus and his claims as they are found in the Bible. There are many ways to process one’s doubts and questions, and we hope that our church will be helpful as one of those ways.

We desire to help each person in his or her particular journey, allowing an individual the freedom to explore the particular questions he or she may have. We recognize that belief is hard and that it is worth acknowledging and wrestling with the questions, doubts, objections and skepticism around the Christian faith. We welcome both believers and skeptics to process their doubts and beliefs with the recognition that it is not sufficient to hold doubts or beliefs just because we inherited them. If you are interested in processing your doubts and beliefs or exploring Christianity, we welcome you to visit us on Sundays, at one of our events, or in one of our discussion groups. Whether you are exploring Christianity for first time or are already a Christian we invite you to visit River of Life.