Hopefully you have found out that River of Life is a special place. God has given us a wonderful family of believers to grow together with and minister to one another. We are excited that you are considering becoming a member of River of Life. It is a privilege and honor to be part of this great family. Some people wonder why membership in a local church is important.

Why Is Membership Important?

1. Any organ detached from a body will die. We need to be connected with the body of Christ to grow and thrive. (1 Cor 12:12-27)

2. Membership in a local body identifies a person as a genuine believer. (Eph 2:19)

3. Membership provides a spiritual family to support and encourage one another. (Gal 6:1-2; Heb 10:24-25)

4. Membership places you under the spiritual protection of Godly leaders. (Heb 13:7; Acts 20:28-29)

5. Membership gives you a place of accountability you need to grow. (Eph 5:21)

6. Commitment is a requirement for any covenant in the Word of God. Formal ceremonies and commitments are found throughout the Word of God. Some would say it is just a piece of paper, but the same argument is used by those who live together outside the bonds of marriage. They are gaining the benefits but not taking responsibility. Membership means you are taking responsibility for your church as well as receiving membership.

7. Your membership gives strength, unity, growth, ministry and direction to our church.

What are the prerequisites for membership at River of Life?

1. Salvation – a personal confession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

2. Water Baptism – a public declaration of your faith in Christ

3. Completion of Membership Class

4. Agreement to the River of Life Membership Covenant